Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Boy.

Lately I've been going through videos from the past few years, labeling, marveling, and now I find that what I am most surprised about this fourth birthday is not how he isn't a baby anymore. (That feels obvious, but I'll be bringing up baby pictures and mourning those days again in future birthday years.) What really strikes me is how he's not this little toddler, with garbled words and cute pronunciations. Of course he isn't a baby, but when I'm looking back at videos, I guess I thought those toddling days would stretch out further. No, he is definitely a preschooler, and in the middle of even that, if I can wrap my head around it. What he truly is, at four years old, is so incredibly kind. Sincere, emotional, sensitive. Loud. Boisterous. Creative. Smart.

He has the warmest kisses.

He has a vast knowledge of emergency vehicles, particularly fire ones, battleships, construction vehicles, and aircraft.

His favorite colors are red and goldenrod.

He loves his sister.

He is loved, very very much.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!


Marie said...

It goes by way too fast, huh. Happy birthday Fisher!!!

pakosta said...

happy birthday fisher!
I CANNOT even believe he is FOUR! wow! that went too FAST!
he sounds like an AMAZING boy!


Megan said...

Happy Birthday, Fisher! Mazie, Jamie, and Jacob all sang this morning to you!!

Cathy Bolander said...

Happy BIrthday FIsher!