Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We are too busy enjoying the mid-60s to be inside blogging.

2. Harbingers of spring: geese flying in a v-formation, robins, and, today, Dusty the Street Sweeper. That last one, Fisher has declared, must be the first sign of spring.

3. Today my son made his first birthday wish (this is big, people, because he only wishes for things that are never attainable) - he wants one of those (nerf) bow and arrows that our across the street friend has. Those arrows flew down the street!

4. Had Alla home with a yucky cold today. March 1st is that date (for me) when the nice weather mingles with the bad, however, we must wait til at least May 1st for most of the colds to be gone.

5. But it's nice to get outside in the sunshine, and sit wrapped up in a blanket on a lawn chair in the driveway, even if you are home sick.

6. Tomorrow we're sharing a "treat" with Fisher's school friends - smokejumpers. Some of you may think of those green army guys as paratroopers, but my son would correct you.

7. The kids started a new (to them) swim class this weekend at the University of Minnesota, which Fisher likes to call "The Use."

8. All that nice warm sunshine, and the resulting running around caused our children to be asleep moments after closing their door.

9. There once was a time when my daughter knew hundreds of signs, but now that both of my children speak in words, only a few signs remain in daily use: pay attention, I'm Sorry, Thank You, Please, and I Love You.

10. Our favorite little boy turns four on Monday, and lucky for him, we will get to celebrate with Grandma, aunts and uncles and a special little baby cousin. And then have another celebration a few days later!


pakosta said...

hope alla feels better soon. ava has a really bad cold right now and savie and I are fighting one off.
did alla start any of the books yet?!
hope she enjoys each and every one!!!
someday i will have a WHOLE bunch more for her!!!!
I have 56 or so chapter books (really good ones) from our Sonlight Curriculum, but it may take us a few years to get through them all because some are a little advanced (it goes through 8th grade), but once we are done, I will pass them your way!

Marie said...

our boys are turning four. sniff. sniff.