Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. My, oh my, I have a four-year-old.

2. We surprised Alla at school today by joining her for lunch. She smiles all through lunch when we do that.

3. It is blowing something crazy out there. I despise wind.

4. We spent last week in Pennsylvania visiting Grandma, aunts, uncles, and a new cousin. Photos to come!

5. When we got back, we celebrated Fisher's second "burt-day" with Nana and Pappi. We are pretty sure that he actually considered it an official second birthday.

6. We made what he requested: vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Vanilla frosting to die for, thank you Pinterest!

7. Another Pinterest score: Quinoa Mac n Cheese last night for dinner.
8. I think Pinterest may take over the world.

9. When we left for Pennsylvania, all of Minnesota was brown. When we returned six sleeps later, the grass was green and the lilacs budding, most of the trees branches lined in pale green. All beautiful, and all contributing to a very early start to allergy season for me.

10. 100 more pages left of Katherine Boo's book, and then I'm hoping another Katherine's book will arrive shortly thereafter!

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Katherine Willis Pershey said...

Aww, thanks! It should - I just heard from the publisher that it will ship from the printer this week. :)