Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. What an amazing day today! Over 50 degrees, blue skies! Here is why I love March - you can actually feel the sun. I ran in short sleeves!

2. Yesterday Fisher and I hit up the mall for new shoes (for him - he picked the same ones in the next size up), and I was reminded that I despise the mall. Is it absolutely necessary for every store to have its own scent and waft it at you as you walk by? I'm talking especially to you, Abercrombie. Ugh.

3. We also stopped by Alla's school to have lunch with her.

4. When we came home I had big plans to eat the last Cadbury egg I'd saved. Unfortunately I must have forgotten having already eaten it, because it was not to be found. I was very sad.

5. My husband rescued me and brought a few for me this evening.

6. I have embarked on the world's longest project, which is labeling all of our home movies. They are all officially on my computer now (instead of the Flip) but I have to watch each and every one in order to label it. Three years of cute little clips.

7. I registered Alla for a watercolor class on a Friday in June at our local awesome nature center. The girl is over the moon.

8. One exciting thing Fisher is getting for his birthday - a rope.

9. We are really (just about) done with 90210. It's just horrible.

10. But New Girl - awesome!


Megan said...

cadbury eggs? really? I hate malls too. It's just too much.

pakosta said...

the girls got alla's letter!
so cute! glad she liked the books!!!

p.s. I will have ava write back to her today!