Friday, March 30, 2012

The Great Pennsylvania Post.

We spent our spring break in Pennsylvania, where we got to sit around and enjoy quality time with our family. The kids had the best time, and were not pleased when it was time to go, although Fisher was easily consoled with the idea of getting on another airplane. Seeing aunts and uncles and Grandma and celebrating Fisher's birthday were all of the reasons we went, but if I had to give the real reason, Baby Keila would be the answer, hands down. The kids were smitten.Two days after we arrived was Fisher's fourth birthday and with the great weather we headed to the park for some before-lunch birthday fun.

This one's my favorite. Fisher makes any number of goofy faces, but this one shows his fun, goofy, happy spirit, too.
Fisher got to celebrate along with Aunt Renee (also a March birthday) and big sister Alla, since all the family won't be here next month for her special day.
For his gift to Alla, Uncle Will threw Alla in the fish pond.
Just kidding. Aunt Renee would never let him do that to her Alla.
The next day we took the kids to Hershey's Chocolate World, which they loved for the ride, and I loved for the gorgeous forsythia as a backdrop.
Here are the Killins siblings - Renee, Ronna, and Ron - with Alla, Baby Keila, and Fisher.
We rounded out the trip with a visit to Great Grandma where Alla indulged in chicken fingers and rolls.
And, just to prove that I went on the trip, too! Me and my niece and mother-in-law, who put up with all of us for six sleeps! These are some lucky kids to have her for a grandma. Baths around here are practically punishment after the bubbles and jets in Grandma's tub!

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pakosta said...

what an adorable baby!!!
great trip!