Monday, July 22, 2013

Ohio road trip, part 1: Simple Pleasures.

As promised, photos from our first big road trip. It was a success, and the destination was Dayton, Ohio, a do-able 2-day drive to see our best friends, The Derenzos.
We did little, which, if you know any of us, is how we like to do things. I mean, for starters, getting 6 children and 4 adults dressed and fed and somewhat regularly cleaned, is quite a feat. So we stuck with simple: parks, backyard, each other.
We first decided to corrupt their children with the filthy-eating of cherries. See the next several photos for how filthy our children were with a simple bowl of cherries.

Since we last visited, a natural playground had been built right across the street, and also, stone steps leading to a shallow creek. The kids talked and talked about what shoes they could wear there so they could wade in the creek. Highlight of the week.

 Nets were provided. Crayfish were caught. And released.

"Creek portraits" were taken.

Little ones were left at the playground to amuse themselves with woodchips and sand. Luckily for me, one little person sat pretty much still for her picture. Her brother, well, you'll have to wait for another day to see his mug.

They headed home happy. All their plans had definitely worked out.


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