Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Did you get to see our pics from our trip to see The Derenzos? Stay tuned tomorrow for the next installment!

2. Fisher had his last soccer game last night, which reminds me that maybe I should post some cute pictures of him soccering it up this year. He is quite the little player, so fun to watch.

3. This is Alla's last week of soccer, too, with games tonight and Thursday. August will be quiet.

4. I finished Looking For Me, which was a great fun read, perfect for summer, and am now onto The Death of Sweet Mister, by Daniel Woodrell, who is new to me, but if you saw Winter's Bone, he was the author of the book behind that movie.

5. Fisher spent a good deal of yesterday morning cleaning out his room, saying he's just going to give away all his toys except his Legos. I think he's planning on selling them at the city's annual Kids Garage Sale in September, so he can earn money for, you guessed it, more Legos.

6. He's a funny kid, always been hard to shop for, always been hard to pick out books for, because he likes certain genres, and almost always non-fiction. But I don't think he'll miss the stuff he's packed up; he really only plays with Legos.

7. Now he's gone and made a liar of me! He's playing with wooden blocks.

8. The kids are eagerly awaiting the Planes movie. I hope it gets good reviews or they will have to wait for DVD.

9. Purchased school supplies because they're cheaper now, but no one can make me look at them til September 1st.

10. On tap for this week: both Paul Spring and The Okee Dokees!

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