Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soccering: The Boy.

Soccer is so highly anticipated around here. Starts at the very beginning of June, you can play in the city program from the time you're four, it's great exercise, 90% of the games are played at the park that's close enough for us to ride bikes (albeit carrying snacks, chairs, water bottles, bug spray, etc), and it's FUN.  

So it's a little sad when you've gotten used to the routine of packing up and heading to a field three nights a week, and suddenly, end of July. End of soccer. (Of course there is fall soccer, but that can be darn right freezing around these parts.)

This kid went out there every night to have fun, to play with his friends (his friend's dad has even coached the past 2 years), and has gotten better and better. He is a leader, always helping kids get to their positions.

He has been very fun to watch, and I'm sad, too, that the end of July is here and we have to wait another ten months for this kind of fun.

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