Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ohio Road Trip, Part 2: How to Enjoy a Parade in the Rain.

We headed out Fourth of July morning for a parade, only to start noticing sprinkles on our way there. My smarty husband had thrown his rain jacket in the car right before we left Minnesota, so he was set. The girls grabbed umbrellas. The kids had hats.

Estelle was all set in her stroller, digging all those loud drum beats and horns.
I got Lou to stay under my umbrella for most of it.

Randy, thankfully, grabbed trashbags on the way out that morning, so he and most of the kids were bagged by mid-parade. We sure do miss that guy.

A little rain did not stop our fun, and truthfully it was WAY better than it being a hundred degrees and sunny.

Gotta love a parade!!

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Megan said...

love, love, love all of the pix.