Monday, July 29, 2013

Ohio Road Trip, Part 4: The Tripping Part.

Really our trip was all about the getting there, to our friends, so we could soak up as much time as possible, but we had a few surprises in store for the long ride home. First up, Dayton to Indianapolis, where we surprised the kids by pulling into a strip mall, purportedly for gas, and next thing we knew, Alla says, "Is that Aunt Renee? What are Aunt Renee and Uncle Will doing here?"
Well, Aunt Renee was visiting Will, who lives in Indy, for one last visit before their August wedding!

Next there was a lot of driving, the goal being to get to Madison from Dayton on our first day, so we'd have less driving the last day. We passed a lot of corn.

We made it to Madison that night, swam in the hotel pool a bit, and then ate at Uno's for dinner, which was a score because it was in the same parking lot as our hotel so we didn't have to get back in the dreaded car until morning.

Before we truly got on the road, we drove into downtown Madison to check out their famed Farmer's Market. Boy was that amazing, four city blocks around the State Capitol filled with vendors.

Alla bought a gourd and I got some veggies.

 We cooled off in the State Capitol.

And then headed on our merry way with our box of organic Wisconsin strawberries, which we demolished in the first hour.

Our other tourist stop before home was Red Wing, MN, where there was a huge park on the Mississippi, with all of these lovely raised garden beds, including this fairy sort.

The other goal was a coffee mug from Red Wing Pottery, but I changed my mind and got a small crock instead. We got to watch a potter create something from scratch.

Last stop: the big boot at Red Wing Shoes!

And then, home. Which felt great after two days in the car. But you won't hear any complaining from me, because not only did we get to see our friends, but the kids were excellent travelers. Still, you know, one is always glad to get out and be home!

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