Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Since my hard drive is mysteriously un-connected today, I am going with a traditional Ten on Tuesday post instead of the hoped for snapshots of The Derenzos from our Ohio trip. Thankfully Dropbox has my iphone pics from the last few days so here we go.

2. On Saturday we dropped the kids off with Nana and Pappi for a date afternoon/evening. They were thrilled! They walked the dog! Caught a frog! Swam!

3. We headed down to Lake Couhoun for a nice long bike ride ride, dinner, and a movie. We are so adventurous!
 4. When we picked them up Sunday we headed to Elm Creek Park for a picnic. It was hot, but what a cool park!
 5. There were lots of thank yous in our bedtime prayers that night, most notably from Fisher who was thankful "for us be abling to go to a surprise place with Mommy and Daddy."

 6. That was the beginning of the heatwave, although last night at soccer it really wasn't too darn bad. Fisher had a special guest, the nurse from his preschool, with whom he is very tight. She brought part of her family for us to meet, too. We are going to miss you next year, Lucinda!
7. Today, however, is another story. It is extremely very very scorching hot. We hit up the splash pad before 10am, when the thermometer had already passed 80 degrees. Whew! 

8. The newest breakfast craze around here is egg in the hole. Kids are loving it.
9. The newest game craze around here is mancala. Kids are loving it.
10. It's been awhile but I'm actually reading a good book right now and would recommend it, though I'm only a third of the way through it. Check out Looking For Me.

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