Sunday, April 30, 2006

Happy TWO, Jamie Bo.

What a super two year old. Jamie Bo got such a cool party with her very own BOUNCER for the adults, er, I mean, kids, to play in.

Thankfully Alla was back to being HER today, happy and giggly and smiley and cheerful, just so full of spunk. And have you ever seen a cuter, more birthday-party-perfect dress??? Thanks, Catie and Randy!

Here's our favorite one-year-old.

See? I said it. I'm very well-adjusted.


Susie said...

How fun is that? We want to get one for Sarah's birthday. We are, ahem, looking into it. Fun fun! Happy birthday, Jaime!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including Jamie in your blog. Jamie was so excited to see herself on the computer. Jamie had a really great birthday. We all had such a great time this weekend with all the parties!
Love ya,

Amanda Cowan said...

I love that shot of Alla and her daddy.. so cute!