Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter events.

Firstly, Happy Easter to all! We had a lovely one, starting out with Al's first egg hunt, which brought her immense joy. She wasn't sure she wanted to give up the plastic colorful eggs, though, to her dad, who was just collecting them in her basket for her. Not like he was going to steal them or anything. They were filled with Cheerios for pete's sake.
Ron and Al trying to keep warm in the mountain air. We spent the day with my family in Wrightwood. Me and my girl.
This is my family. Well, part of it. It's my Dad and Terry, and Jenn and Dan, and there's Emily and Alla in the wagon, pulled by Ron. What a happy picture. What a lovely walk in the mountains on Easter Sunday! We tried to walk off our dinner. Dan, I still smell like BBQ!
Pulling that wagon uphill is a bit of work.

Alla thought this wagon business was loads of fun. I see a wagon in her future.
Gramma's girls! Emily likes to hug veeeeeery tight.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, too!


Susie said...

Happy Easter, friend. Looks like a lovely mountainy day. Is mountainy a word? Probably not. Oh well, you know what I mean!

tara said...

how cute is she?! man i love that baby!
glad you had a lovely easter! mine? not so lovely! a child sick with strep and a dh who didn't even bring us home dinner. lol!
oh well. there are always more easters!

Amy said...

I can't believe how big Emily is getting! I remember seeing your pictures of her when she was a lot smaller than Alla is now. . . I can't help but think that Alla will be that big before we know it (much to your dismay!). She's turning into such a little girl! Also enjoyed the shots of Wrightwood--makes me miss out time in the Antelope Valley!

KMF said...

Ah looks like Jared and I missed the family reunion. Hopefully we'll be there for Christmas. Are you guys going to be able to make it home with all the fun of moving? We miss you guys.