Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Six thirty-seven.

Our little Birthday Girl.

Somehow she's One now. One. I can't believe it. I can't believe it's been one full year that she's graced our lives.

She had a lovely first part of the day but really not so much the last half. She can't keep anything down, her nose is running out of control, she's got a top tooth coming in. Poor girl is actually somewhat of a mess.

At 6:37pm she was born, one year ago today.

This is our daughter at 6:37 pm tonight. On her first birthday. She could barely keep her eyes open that late.

I've been her mama for one year. That is pretty wonderful.


Elizabeth said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday, dear little Alla. You are a beautiful little girl with parents who adore you!

erin said...

That IS pretty wonderful! I'm sorry that her day was a little poopy at the end but I know you enjoyed it just the same. So happy for your family and this celebration!

tara said...

awwww happy birthday dear alla. i am sorry i didn't send her anything yet...i want to. i will eventually!
keep enjoying her!

Susie said...

You're a good Mama, J.

julie said...

happy belated birthday Alla! Hope you feel better on your 1st birthday plus one day!