Saturday, April 22, 2006

Zoo Day.

Since we did not have to spend the day house-hunting, lucky us, we took Al to the Minnesota Zoo in the hopes of finding some lovely birds for her to gaze upon. I think she dreams of birds because often times the first thing she does in the morning is sign "bird," but then maybe she's just really in tune to their morning choir. Here she is, so overjoyed with the exotic varieties that she is signing "bird" with both hands.And what zoo experience is complete without the petting zoo. Seriously, the baby goats were a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e. Just her size. There were teenier ones, like the size of kittens, in the barn, and also baby piggies. Thankfully for parents, the big giant fat yucky pigs were lying nearby, lest the little kiddies think that a pig would make a great pet.
Tomorrow we have another free day before our home inspection on Monday, so we'll be heading to the Mall of America to see the wonder that is this giant mall. We're hoping there's a carousel for Al, and a 3-ring album at Archiver's for me. Ron says he wants to Build-a-bear.

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Susie said...

Ron wants to Build-a Bear... hee-heee. Crackin' me up!

I have never seen a more adorable zoo-goer. Seriously, J., what do you do to contain yourself from squeezing Alla all the time??