Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Because I Haven't Posted These: 11 months.

Yup. I know we're getting close to 12 months. 15 days to be exact. 2 weeks from tomorrow. Not that I'm counting. I don't want to count. Truly. It just kind of happens in my mind and I first find some comfort that I still have all those 15 days, and then I freak. I only have those 15 days. Then she's one.

So here are my favorite 11 month shots to remind me that she's still just 11 months.

Reason why this is one of my favorites: She's signing "bird." She loves birds. Looooves them.

Thank you Catie for the dress and Katie (Kelsea) for the flower clip!


Susie said...

Alla looks so, tropical. And beautiful.

erin said...

As I was scrolling down I had a feeling that cute dress came from Catie. So lovely! Great pictures...and such a great girl! If you all are driving to Minnesota you really ought to think about coming through CO. With my geography skills being what they are I have NO IDEA if this is on the way but it sounds like a great idea to me!

tara said...

LOVB love love it!
love the b/w and the one of her signing bird. savannah loved that sign and birds at that age too. love her . she is so beautifuL!


julie said...

holy cow these are ADORABLE! Possibly the cutest photos EVER! Love that bird photo, you'll have to scrap that! She is just too precious for words!

Amy said...

The dress is adorable and looks perfect on Alla with her lovely dark curls. I suspected it was from Catie! I second Erin's suggestion that you stop in Colorado on your way to Minnesota!