Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This time last year.

I was in labor. Not active labor. No regular surges or anything. I think at this exact moment I was probably taking a nap. My water broke at 6am and I had surges on and off during the day. It got intense around 10pm that night, and we labored all night at home with Aubrey, our amazing doula. We headed to the hospital at 5:30 the next morning. For another long day. Yes, for those of you mathematicians out there, my water broke at 6am on the 25th, and I actually had Alla the following evening. Two days. All well worth the wait, the hurt, the not knowing, the tears, the dying-to-hold-you-in-my-arms feelings.


suethomas40 said...

What a cool entry, j.j.! I just watched the entire slide show too and loved it!!!!!

erin said...

Thinkin' about you, girl. Hope Alla's day is WONDERFUL. Bathe yourself in last year's memories and start gathering up new ones with a ONE YEAR OLD! Congrats on surviving the first year!

Susie said...

And you look so amazingly calm and peaceful.

And beautiful.
Happy Birthday sweet Alla.