Sunday, July 29, 2007

Block Party.

I have never ever lived in any neighborhood where I've been a part of a block party. So this, yesterday, was just something else. It was totally casual, crockpots and side dishes and grills lined up to feed the masses, kids running the blockaded street quite freely, dozens of ride-ons strewn about, chalk drawings in the middle of the street, and homemade ice cream. This was some block party. And, as I've thought many times since we've moved here, this may not be my dream house, but it most certainly is close to my dream neighborhood. Kids to play with almost any day, neighbors to share good news, a babysitter right next door, and just a general feeling of togetherness. We might have to build up or out someday, if we want more space. Cause I don't think I'd want to chance moving to a neighborhood even half as kind as this one.

The party's highlight: the local fire department sent a huge truck for the kids to climb in, and then, the happiest fifteen minutes of all, they turned the hoses on all the kids. Pure happiness.
One last one from earlier in the day, our local festival's parade. Here are my two favorite parade watchers.


erin said...

Awesome captures, girl.

Amy said...

How fun! I'm so jealous. . . sounds like such a great place to live!

Megan said...

I love the one with the kids holding the hose. That sounds so cool.

boo arnold said...

I LOVE the firetruck, hose, and kid pic!! Just might be a favorite!! you are ohhhh sooooo good J.J.!!! stace