Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I had a mole shaved off today. Not because it was worrisome, just because the dermatologist said it probably bothered me. Let that be the worst of my skin troubles from here on out.

2. Welcome, Cate!

3. Cherries for me and play-doh for Al. We're all happy here. (And no commenting on the number of cherries consumed, thankyouverymuch.)
4. A full view of our garden. Yes! The sunflowers bloomed!
5. We are making the famous Killins Cooking Light S'more ice cream sandwiches for the 4th. And maybe finding a sparkler or two. We are super festive here. Hey, fireworks don't happen til ten here. What's a mom to do.

6. Alla pulling Baby and Fluffy around the garden through the backyard in the little wagon, the activity of choice these afternoons.
7. We've eaten outside 4 times now. I know this is an embarrassingly low number. We're on it.

8. There are zucchini in the vegetable patch and we ate a salad with lettuce from our garden on Sunday. What a lovely little Victory Garden.

9. Just some sand play when it was a 'chilly' 68 one afternoon. We get really weak after a few months of warm weather.
10. Happy 4th everyone!


SanJosemommyof2 said...

Thanks for the welcome! We're loving the new addition as well.. And we consume a shameful amount of cherries here.. it's only right when this time of year they are so darned delicious! Grace likes them to and they are so messy to de-pit...the things we do for our little ones!

Amy said...

Love those smores ice cream sandwiches. . . I gotta get some marshmallow fluff at the commissary tomorrow!

boo arnold said...

i want to see more pics of your house. it looks sooo darling from the cherrie pic (which is so precious by the way). and your garden is so great. jealous that you have that awesome back yard! miss you stace

Megan said...

Let me have the recipe for those sandwiches. I have a feeling the rest of the gang would like them too. Lovely garden. Is Alla's flower growing too?

Melanie said...

i can't even tell you how many cherries i've eaten in the past couple of days! your secret is safe with me. :)