Friday, October 05, 2007

Slew of photographs.

Isn't she going to be a great big sister?

OK, thought you'd like to see a few more from our visit with the Laughrey's...

Taking Kelsea for a spin in the Escalade, around the corner to see the Halloween house.There is a petting zoo at the apple farm. The girls got a kick out of watching the goats knock each other over trying to eat out of hands. Kelsea and Alla both fed them!
A repeat of last year's shot. (You'll have to scroll thru the October archives to the 10-3-06 posting. And please note, she wore the same shirt apple-picking last year.)See, told you they had matching outfits! And this is also the day I realized I could not squeeze one more minute out of her size 2T's. The 3T's are now out in full force.One shot we didn't get last year, a Killins family portrait! Thanks, Katie!
Wednesday it was gorgeous so my friend Michelle and I took our girls to Stillwater to play at the Teddy Bear Park, walk downtown (ok, walk to a toy store), and then grab some lunch at a (cheap!) restaurant overlooking the St. Croix river.

Signing'll remember this from the last time we took her...and again with the yellow shirt. Good thing we got such use out of it cause it definitely won't fit her for a third summer.
In the train - There are teddy bears everywhere and much bigger than this! I think I said it before, it's no Veteran's Park just based on location, but it's a pretty close second for all the amenities and view of the river.I caught her behind a wooden post, counting to twenty. She said she had to. Wish I could remember why. Then she was off, looking for a cake for Leigha. When, after at least twenty minutes, she couldn't find one, she said it was time to build a word, found some pretend letters that she figured would spell c-a-k-e, and then presented it to her. The imagination on this child...I love her!


Megan said...

How thoughtful of her to want to give her friend a cake. Lovely photos as usual.

Susie said...

Ashleigh is in the middle of 2T and 3T-it kind of makes for some very full drawers! Great photos, my friend!

Tara said...

I love seeing the photos - keep them coming. Alla - counting to twenty and making words - WOW!

Missy said...

Your photos are so inspiring! What a beautiful family you have!

andrealavin said...

love the photos!!! and good use of the word "slew" :)
... xoxo dre

Norina said...

Counting to 20 at age 2!!!??? But why am I surprised, she is yours and Ron's child after all!!!

boo arnold said...

i think kelsey looks just like her mom. beautiful eyes! and YES alla will be a wonderful big sister. i feel like you hit the timing perfect!!