Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Really, I got nothin' new in the way of photos because lately we have grey and rainy and that doesn't make for much of anything good inside or out.

2. Right now I'm listening to Alla talk herself to sleep with like fifty friends in bed with her, saying to them, "Oh, okay" and "Where's your mom? I don't know where she is." Ron wonders if maybe she really hears them talking back to her. If not, that is some serious imagination.

3. I'm sure you need another blog to follow? This one is just brimming with great ideas and projects: How About Orange.

4. Now, Katie, this is an assignment for you personally: Go check out these jeans, and report back on how they compare to the originals. I would gladly do it myself, but I will be lucky if I can do any trying on of normal, new clothing, particularly jeans, by next Christmas.

5. Who does not want to rush out and get the stuff to make these adorable barrettes?

6. But if you don't want to, don't have the time, or just can't see how you need to add another project to your growing to-do list, then just buy these.

7. The girl is a serious pro on her trike now. Found a cool link on the cool blog mentioned in number three to Hockneyizer. So fun and so simple! Go try right now, then post your results on your blog. 8. Also found a yummy-sounding recipe for chai, but of course I have to gather all those ingredients.

9. I am in serious need of ordering photos from the months of July, August, and September. And I do not want to wait for them to come in the mail because I am a scrapbooking fool lately. So I'll have to find some place around here that will surely muck them up. But at least I can pick them up tomorrow.

10. This weekend is the big Trader Joe's trip. Alla is all geared up to grab her own little shopping cart, and I am planning on filling up both hers and mine with yummy yummy goodies:)


Tara said...

All your ideas/suggestions sound great but I just do not have the time. However, I always have the time to check out your blog every Tuesday evening. Love it.

pakosta said...

i really really really want to see your scrap pages friend~!

Katie said...

Love the barrettes...almost as much as these flower ones http://www.darlybird.com/likely01.html
Do you think we're too old for them? As for the jeans I'm heading to Penny's this weekend...only did you notice they only have size 1, 3 or 17 left? (-:

Sue Thomas said...

Yum! That chai recipe sounds perfect for a day like today!!!!

Amy said...

So many links. . . but they all look worth it, so I'm going to check them out after I leave you this comment! Thanks for sharing :-)

boo arnold said...

i'm totally with you on the lateness of photos. at least you are keeping up with your scrapping!! and I did my homework (on my blog)!

ohh and the barrettes are SO sweet!