Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Goodness, those wildfires. Keeping Susie in my thoughts.

2. Today at the school library, where we check out one book and one toy per week, her toy pick was a rocking puppy. Just like a rocking horse, but a puppy. You'd think this was some small, manageable, fluffy, snuggly puppy the way she carries it around, lugging it up the stairs, tucking it into her bed and telling me Shhhhh, He's sleeping. And then asking him when she lifts him out of bed, How'd you get so heavy, little buddy?

3. I'm thinking I should wait til we're done having kids to get this. Cause if we have three, then I want the triple.

4. We still watch Signing Time most mornings. The choice for this particular morning was Baby Signing Time, which means she has to locate Baby Rolla, and then rock her to the introduction song.
5. Cheese, Mama's taking your picture. Again.
6. I have to make the bed every morning.

7. I am eating oatmeal every morning. Every. With flaxseed meal, brown sugar, craisins, walnuts, and milk. And sometimes bananas. It fills me up.

8. Alla loves frozen blueberries. And frozen mango.

9. I totally desire to decorate (inside) for Halloween. I'm not a real big Halloween junkie, and the whole putting giant blow up ghosts thing on your lawn kinda weirds me out, like who spends money on that crap (and forgive me if YOU do), but Alla is getting pretty darn excited about the whole thing, despite the fact that she thinks that when the leaves fall, then it will be Halloween. So I'd love to have the dining room (where we spend most of our time) just completely decorated one morning for her. Nothing spooky, just some festive stuff that she knows comes out every year at this time. But this probably won't happen this year cause we're kinda busy this week and we head out to California next week for the wedding of the year!

10. One more week 'til Halloween! Can't wait to see what all your little ones are going to be!


Amy said...

Oh, so spooky! What a great picture. I'm all about oatmeal with flaxseed, too. It does wonders for my milk supply :-)

Elizabeth said...

you find the best little shops online, J.J.

Alla is getting so grown-up looking.

One book a week? Really? The girls load up my bag with as many as they can fit in it, which is usually in the 22-25 range... hee hee.

Whenever you do your Halloween decorating (I feel the exact same way) you should definitely buy a frame for that spider web photo. That would be really, really cool.

Megan said...

I agree with you on the big blow up things in the yard. A little overboard in my opinion-no matter what occasion. I also agree with the spider picture being framed.