Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. What is with all the subtitles on Heroes? I truly enjoy a more passive approach to television-watching. While folding clothes, scrapbooking, blogging, etc.

2. But no worry. I have Friday Night Lights to look forward to.

3. What's up with Grey's? Can no one be happy at the start of a new season? Sheesh.

4. We had a lovely weekend with the Laughrey's. Check them out at their first apple-picking experience.
5. And of course Alla had a built-in playmate for the weekend. With a matching outfit!
6. Does anyone have any idea where to get a baby book that's a 3-ring binder-type? I'd love to be able to add to it, versus the book I have for Alla that's just all crammed with loose papers every which way.

7. Sleeping is a night-by-night event. Meaning, Sunday night I slept 9 hours, in a row, no waking up to pee, and felt amazing in the morning. But last night, not so much. The shooting pain down my left leg was really hampering my sleep. So today I broke out the pregnancy yoga video and we'll see if that helps at all.

8. I ran half a mile yesterday. Woo.

9. I want this for over our bed. But of course it's sold out in chocolate.

10. We got invited to a family Halloween party in a few weeks and I really want to go, but here's the thing: I don't dress up. But I'll be a complete spoil-sport otherwise. And think how excited Alla would be! And of course if this pregnant mama has to dress up, then so does Ron. So PLEASE, give me some great and easy ideas. I know a few of you must be Halloween fans???


JOD said...

I dressed up as "The Old Lady Who Swallowed a _______" (choose based on how preggers you are) when I was pregnant with William. We had to dress up for something when I was teaching...I'm not big on dress up either.

Ralph said...

Ron could always rock it old school and go as a clown....bet Retta still has the gear!

BTW...love the blog!

erin said...

Oh girl, I have THE PERFECT THING FOR YOU. I'll add it to the package I'm mailing tomorrow with the dress in it. It's the cutest black t-shirt with a pumpking right in the belly spot. Amy made it and it's so, so sweet. Too bad my big 'ol belly will NOT be fitting into it this Halloween! You'll love it, I guarantee it.

Amy said...

So glad Erin piped up! I was going to suggest it! Ron can be a farmer and Alla can be some other sort of fall garden vegetable.

Susie said...

My girlfriend wrapped saran wrap around her belly and put some fish crackers under and went as a fish bowl one year she was expecting..

Megan said...

That fish bowl idea is a funny one. I like it. Can't wait to see what you do. I love the picture of the Laughreys. I can't believe how big Miss Kelsea is. I also love the one of Alla and Kelsea. Two bigs girls.

SanJosemommyof2 said...

Isaw someone who who decorated a cardboard box to fit against her belly by making a cut out and attaching a belt of some sort, then decoratig it to look like an oven, on the front was a picture of a "bun". And the husband went as a chef. Other than the oven box, the girl was dressed in black. Can't wait to hear what you decide!