Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thankful Thursday.

In the November issue of Real Simple (yeah I know, I have devoured it already), the letter from the editor talks about working for many years with a grumpy man who nevertheless starts his day by naming five things he is thankful for.

So, my five on this beautiful Thursday -

1. Sunshine. Four days in a row now.
2. Eight hours of sleep.

3. Our Do-Nothing Day. At least one day a week we don't make any plans, and we stay in our pajamas (yep I'm still in mine as I type) as long as possible. It is incredibly restorative for both of us to not have to hurry through breakfast and getting dressed and rush out the door to get someplace by a certain time.
4. A clean house. Well, it's not a completely Do-Nothing Day for the Mama (is it ever?). It's usually the day that I also get my cleaning done. But not having any other plans means I can do it at my own pace and stop to play dolly house or color or eat some cheese.

5. Feeling baby moves the instant I wake up in the morning.


boo arnold said...

Yes, so blessed! I love your cat. and little miss alla playing dolls:)

Megan said...

I read that article like three times. I think everyone would be in a better mood or have a better attitude if they did this once in a while.

pakosta said...

i try to keep a journal and always write in it what i am thankful for. it really makes you think. and while the list is usually always similar it's fun to go back and read it! LOVE LOVE LOVE THOSE PHOTOS!!!!
man, i remember when mine were ages 3 and under i didn't go anywhere, ANY days of the week and never had any plans set in stone, it was just too much to think about!!!!!!! LOL~!

Amy said...

Look at Jelly. . . just lovin that sunshine. I'm thankful that you have 5 wonderful things to be thankful about. And I love the idea of a no-plan pajama day once a week. We need that!

Shelly Z. said...

I love the idea of do nothing day! Well, everything except the cleaning part :-)