Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Seriously, is it Tuesday again already? Seems like I was just coming up with something to say.

2. Today was picture day at school. Last year they only did a group photo, which was nothing to write home about. But this year they did the whole studio backdrop (vanilla sky or enchanted forest?) and individual portraits, so of course I had to go for that. I'm sure they captured her "cheese" smile, which isn't much of a smile, but stay tuned.

3. So, of course, I had to take my own before we left. Shot no. 1:

4. Shot no. 2:

5. Tara, I'm super excited that the leopard coat fits for another season! I'm seriously going to have to buy another one for next year because this has been the most wonderful, versatile, loved, well-used-and-still-lookin-good coat EVER.

6. On Sunday, it was mid-eighties. Today, struggling to touch 50.

7. The maple is still green. Give it another two weeks. Then there will be some color.

8. School day also means library day. We've been checking out a book on CD each week, which Alla loves. Might be that they had two shark books, both of which are now utter favorites which we better get in our collection soon, says she. Best one: The Bravest Fish, by Matt Buckingham. And, yes, she has to say it like that. And if she forgets the author she'll just go on and ask you, "Mom? Mom! Who's it by again?"

9. At bedtime tonight, after we tucked her in with all five billion of her friends, she told us that Spike (the neighbor's pull-toy doggie) and Fluffy (her very own pull-toy doggie) dug a hole in the garage and are going to eat bones. She said she had to take care of them.

10. Best news of all, Friday is our BIG ultrasound! Stay tuned for pics of the littlest one!


Tara said...

I can't wait to see the pics! It is good to know that Alla goes to bed with tons of friends because Ashby now has ten stuffed animals (her babies) in bed with her right now.

Elizabeth said...

Gracie also sleeps with about 72 things... weirdos : )

Have a wonderful ultrasound!

Megan said...

Mazie and Jamie both sleep with lovies. Jacob has a dinosaur in his bed. He wrestles with it when he is awake but not ready to wake us. Can't wait to see Pondigore (which, yes, Mazie is trying to spell).

Amy said...

So we still have 3 days to persuade you to find out if this is a boy or a girl? ;-) C'mon, you know you want to!

Shelly Z. said...

I love the fence in your yard...it always looks amazing in shots. Alla's not bad either! :-) Can't wait for the ultrasound pics!

pakosta said...

i loved that coat!
so glad she is getting use out of it!!!

take care!

Susan said...

i LOOOOOOOOOVE the leopard coat! so cute! glad it still fits!!!

and yay for the U/S - that is super exciting.... :)

Sue Thomas said...

What adorable photos, j.j. and ala keeps saying the cutest things!!!!! Looking forward to the upcoming ultrasound photos!!!!!!