Saturday, October 20, 2007

Still crazy for the ball popper.

Yep, the girl's still crazy about this gift (for her first birthday, thanks Susie:) )...especially after it having dead batteries for a few months. Oh to be this joyous about colorful balls popping out of a machine. And, listen, it's rained 18 out of the past 20 days here so we have to make joy where we can find it in the house.

Another joy: Walter the Farting Dog she's holding. Which she thinks is freakin hilarious. Thank you Pappi! At the moment she's napping with 'farting dog.'

Last thing to note, this video was taken last night at 6:01, and yes, she's still in her pj's. It was our one lazy day and we lived it up.


boo arnold said...

Good to know Miss Alla is in her pj's in the late afternoon. Makes me feel ok about doing the same! I just love her precious little voice! Excited to see you soon:)))

Susie said...

I love it! Maybe it's going on Lolo's wish list this year :)

Tasha said...

AHHH!!! Jada loved this let's see, where are those darn balls?

SanJosemommyof2 said...

Grace loved the ball popper too.. unfortunately she liked to stick things other than the balls that came with it down the hole.. so the ball popper had to go. (Milk and crackers don't mix so well.. and no, I have no idea how I didn't notice that she put milk and crackers down the hole..)

nadine jenine said...

i just saw that walter the farting dog book for the first time yesterday!