Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today was my day to read to Alla's preschool class. I've been keeping this surprise for her for several weeks now, and every school day she'd tell me whose mom was the special reader, and how she wished her mom could be the special reader. She led me to the chair I was to sit in, and sat right in front as I read two of her favorite stories:

2. Tyrannosaurus Drip, and

3. Where the Wild Things Are.

4. The booster is.not.working.out.

5. We're chalking it up to both user error (maybe he's not ready), and crappy seat. It was a handmedown that I snatched up from a friend with older kids, and was great for outdoor summer eating with Alla, or for her friends when they were all still highchair-bound. Basically, she was older when we put her in it, so this was not a problem. Made for a very stressful lunch today.

6. The good news, however, is that I gave Fisher a sippy cup of soymilk today and he drank it. I am completely clueless when it comes to introducing milk in general, as I didn't do a good job with Alla, and consequently she doesn't like milk. Feel free to leave helpful hints.

7. So much for spring. It's snowing today!

8. I would really like Dear Genevieve to come to my house and reconfigure my lower level family room, now that we're not using that nook-space for an office. She's a Minnesotan, I just know she'd love to come back home and do-up our house.

9. This Lands End dress is just about the best thing I ever bought for Alla. She puts it on and it's like her whole face lights up. She seeks it out. She can put tights or softie pants underneath for warmth. It has pockets. It's just the perfect little girl dress.

10. Amy + Erin, thank you for introducing me to the Baked Oatmeal. Fisher loves it, too!


Melanie said...

okay - so i thought i was a total slacker for still using the high chair. whew. sorry it was a stress though!

we haven't done milk yet - maybe after tomorrow and our 12 month check-up. we haven't done water really either although her juice is way watered down. i started at 50/50 and now it's more like 25/75.

Amy said...

Glad you like the oatmeal--it's fun and something a little bit different. Variety is always good!

We started Hayden with a cup of water around 7-8 months when he was sitting at the table for meals. As he cut down on nursing and turned 1, I just put milk in the cup (since he had already mastered using the straw when it was just water). I offered it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and he took right to it. Sounds like that's kind of how it went for Fisher, so I'd say just keep offering it at meals!

Megan said...

Sorry I am no help with the milk thing. All three of mine are like little cows, LOVE MILK! I am sorry the booster isn't working out. Jacob was about 9 months when we introduced him to it. He hated his high chair though. I bet Alla was on Cloud Nine when she realized you were the special reader. How special.

Missy said...

Maya loves those LE dresses. So soft and easy to slip on for anything. I am about to introduce Laney to the sippie cup. Just with a little bit of water. She is almost 9 mos, but I want her to figure out how to use it.

Susie said...

that dress is way cute- and a good price. I should buy like ten! So... did you write Genevieve and tell her that you need a room make-over? That would be so cool!!

JOD said...

We only drink water with meals at our house but when I would drop a nursing session I would offer a cup of milk, maybe a snack, and a cuddle.

One other thing we did was to say "cheers" and touch cups, then all excitedly take a sip from our cups. Kind of adds a little fun...you may remember that my children much preferred nursing so the sippy cup thing was a bit of a struggle. Fun cups or tricks like "cheers!" seemed to help. Also, don't under-estimate the power of positive peer pressure from big sister Alla :)

How does Fisher like the soy milk? Nicholas seemed to like it a lot. William = yuck!

Katie said...

Kelsea just took to milk right away. I hated milk as a kid, so I think it's just a taste preference?

OMG I've been watching so much HGTV and that I'm going to write to about every show and have them come re-do one of our rooms. Wallis even asked me to write to one of the landscape shows to see if they will come do our backyard. Ya think they'd do it for free?

Marie said...

i have no idea what i did with lily and charlie just likes to throw his cup. we have been using one since he was about ten months and every time just throws it. i decided to wait on the booster until after his birthday cake only because the high chair is vinyl and the booster is cloth. ah laundry seems to dictate most of my decisions these days ;)

Sara said...

Oh sweetie. We have finally stopped battling Jake and the high chair/booster. So now he just "sits" in a chair. Hold your ground. It will get better.