Monday, March 09, 2009

We were waiting for you.

One year ago today, I was due. And then overdue, and still you flip-flopped in my belly, not giving a rat's behind if it was the ninth of March and your mama had already carried you to term. You stayed in there ten more days and then, although you were a big ol' bundle of joy when you came out, somehow you were still so teensy.
And now look at you, sittin' like a person at the kitchen table. Stop already.


Megan said...

Nice booster. I take it the high chair ran away! I can't believe he is that big. It's hard to believe that 10lbs is teensy when they are born but it is so true. But you are still jipped out of a baby when they are that big at birth.

Melanie said...

and i can remember our almost daily e-mail chats about when these babes of ours would finally make an appearance. :)

Kim said...

Hi there JJ :)

I've had your site on my blog roll for awhile and figured it was about time to introduce myself... hahaha :) You and I don't know each other at all... but I found your blog through Susan Weinroth's blog and have been loving your photos of your munchkins and just the way you write from the hip.

I'm wondering if you know that your site doesn't have it's RSS feed working. I'd love to see when you posted but need to check back constantly to see if you have. Since you also use blogger, I can tell you how to check to see if it's working. If you go under settings and site feed and switch it to either allowing short or full access to allow blog feeds that should do it.

pakosta said...

awwwww!! so CUTE!
and so BIG!!!!
savannah was 10 days late too!

Cathy Bolander said...

He looks like a big boy in that booster but still such a cutie baby.