Tuesday, July 21, 2009

16 months.

Someone turned 16 months this weekend, and that someone's name is Trouble. Did I say that? Of course I meant Fisher.So here's what our little 16 month old is up to:

loves the song "John the Rabbit"
still takes 2 naps
has gone to two of Alla's soccer games now
loves to spy 'eh-pames' in the 'ky'
says 'voh voh' and signs motorcycle whenever one drives by
the vacuum obsession continues
loves food, especially 'beams' and 'ka-mama' (beans and avocado)
helps unload the dishwasher in the morning
loves to dance ('den!')
is the funniest whistler ever
says Alla like this: Aye-ya
is busy busy busy
tells me when he poops
and when he does it's 'stintee'
gives the sweetest pat-hugs
loves his kitty book

And just because I'm their mom, here's Alla at 16 months. Sigh.


Megan said...

Oh my, Alla had the cheeks! I love that there are so many similarities in Fisher and Jacob. Happy 16 months Big Guy!

Marie said...

oh i can't believe it. 16 months. that means mine is almost there. why is it that 16 months seems so much older than 15 months. oh my.

Katie said...

Happy 16 months Fish! I love reading these posts because it reminds me of all the things I have to look forward to with Lorelei...even if I do think it's much too fast. :-)

Norina said...

So VERY sweet!

Dre said...

wow! that was fast!

Cathy Bolander said...

Fisher sure is getting big. This age until around 2 is Rick's absolute favorite so far. All the new words & discoveries so fun. And Fisher looks so much like Ron. Wow!