Friday, July 24, 2009


Watching Word World with Alla.
Reading with Alla - or, Alla reading to me.
Hail this morning, Alla picking it up and bringing it in.
Telling Fisher, Thunder, and hearing him say buh-na.
Fisher's finally, happily, coming around to cherries. Just as cherry season is on its way out. Alla did the same thing.
Fisher randomly didn't nap this morning. He's down now for what will hopefully be a looooong afternoon nap.
Spaghetti on tap for tonight - Ron's pre-10K race meal. He's been training hard for months now.
Wanting there to be yellow throughout the house. Looking at all the rooms together instead of separately.
We have 29 items out from the library. Some good ones we've read this week: Brave Irene, Clorinda Takes Flight, Whiteblack the Penguin Sees the World, Strega Nona, and Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud.
Alla asking me for more cheese - this, from the girl who won't touch anything but fresh parmesan cheese. Slices and slices.
Fisher ate a whole chicken breast for lunch.
Fisher wants to stab his beans with a fork.
Vampire Weekend is good lunch music.
Today is a nice rest day from four days in a row of swim camp. Next week is it, but I already have something amazing to share: Alla is swimming on her own!
As a special treat for her hard work at swimming this week we have a super surprise for her tonight: watching Willa Wonka and eating pizza after Fisher goes to bed! We finished the book last week so she's super excited to see the movie.
Alla to me: Mama did you know I really love the [green] moo-moos (smoothies) withOUT kiwi? This one's kind of charper. "Charp" is her word for tart. We use it a lot around here, as in, "J, are those plums good, or are they too charp for me?" See, even Daddy likes the word. Go ahead, try it.

And have a great weekend!


Susie said...

GOod job, Alla! What an impressive feat for a 4-year-old!

Enjoy your pizza night ;)

Megan said...

Oh have fun watching Willy Wonka. It's one of my favorites!