Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday, a beautiful beautiful day. Here's the boy, food filling his mouth as usual. 2. The butterflies were back for the summer and Alla was tickled about this, sitting there ever so still while they landed all around and on her.

3. Fisher is not really interested in toys. He just likes to figure things out - buckles, straps, keys and locks, etc. So he's perfectly content to sit on the grass and just try over and over to get the buckle of a bike helmet fastened.

4. I love my family:)

5. We decided to brave a later than usual evening for Fisher and all head out to Alla's soccer game last night instead of just Daddy taking her. This was very brave on my part considering that Fisher randomly didn't take an afternoon nap, so he'd been up since 11am, and the game started at 6:15pm. It was lovely, though, and cool, and Alla had fun. And then, a glimpse into the future, we put the kids to bed at the same time, after a story (and nursing for Fisher), we kissed them both and said goodnight.

6. Funny thing about playing goalie for part of last night's game: if the ball was headed into our goal too fast, Alla would just turn to us and say, It's too fast! So basically she wasn't stopping the balls unless they were the perfect speed. Ha!

7. It is extremely important to make these kinds of faces if you're going to be a successful hula-hooper.

8. Fisher likes to help with emptying the dishwasher in the morning. He just grabs the silverware and throws it into the silverware drawer.

9. The coffee table project has progressed to the ready-to-be-stained step! Thanks to my husband getting a mini-sander and doing a lot of the sanding for me.

10. My favorite beans are garbanzos. I think Fisher is a toss between those and kidneys. We eat a LOT of beans in this house due to Fisher's allergies. In fact, they are pretty much a staple of our diets. I need a bean cookbook. All beans all the time.


Megan said...

I love Alla's hulahooping faces. The girls got a kick out of them too! So is it a boy thing to eat all the time? This is my theory but wasn't sure if it was true for all boys or just the bigger ones.

Susie said...

I am so immature. all I can think is, "Beans beans, the more we eat, the more we..."

I'm sure you know what's coming :)

Katie said...

I was thinking the same thing as Susie. I guess you got yourself some immature friends. :-)

I love the goalie story. Hilarious!

And oh my gosh those pictures of Alla! Is she really only FOUR? They are growing up so quickly.

And that picture of Fisher in the hat reminds me of a lot of Alla.

Sara said...

The hulahooping pics are fantastic. As for the beans, I am sure that you have already thought of this, but how about making some hummus out of them. And the soccer story was the best.

Norina said...

OMG those faces of Alla's are HILARIOUS! Zech loves to empty the dishwasher too, must be a baby thing ;) Too bad mine broke and with N sick, it's just not a priority these days...thinking about it though, I wonder if Zech misses it? I sure do, I hate washing dishes! :)