Monday, July 13, 2009


This lovey is the center of your universe. It is the spot to which you return to be soothed, calmed, centered, rested. It lulls you to sleep, it is the ultimate comfort. I think you are adorable with it, Doodlebug.


Tara said...

I think loveys are adorable. At this time Roe is in love with his mini blue blanket and sophie. Does Fisher still love his sophie? I never had one with roe but after seeing your post i ordered one and he LOVES it.

on another note, i can't believe how big Fisher has gotten - they grow up so fast. roe is already five months old - crazy.

Katie said...

Lorelei is also a fan of hers. Seems to calm her down quite a bit. What is the magic of those things?

BTW is Fisher's hair curly or straight?