Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1, We had a lovely fourth. Quiet. We are always the only ones left on the block, everyone else gone to visit family in other parts of the state, other states, or just off to festivals that end in fireworks. The kids are still too young for a fireworks show that starts at ten.

2. Bike rides. 3. Sorry, buddy, we really should get you your own helmet. 4. Alla may have fallen out of that sandbox earlier in the week, so with all the sand out, we just let the rainwater fall in and Fisher found this just splendid.5. Can't you just see her saying, Come on, Buddy, don't splash me!6. Once the boy was in bed, we broke out the sparklers. 7. Once again, still a bit wary of those sparklers.8. But she warmed up pretty quickly.9. I love this one. Completely out of focus, just her running with one toward me, for me. 10. And the very next morning we shared with Matt + Shelly, Dane, and their newest love. Congrats, guys!


Cathy Bolander said...

I love that blurry photo. I bet you like us can't wait for that day when we can all watch fireworks as a family. Glad you had fun even though it was quiet. Wish you could have been here to join us. Miss you friend.

Katie said...

Happy 4th friend. Wish we were one of the ones left on your block to hang out.

kanb said...

Oh you are brave. We have that sand/water table but ours won't- maybe ever- have sand. It is strictly a water table this summer. : )

Norina said...

Ok that helmet had me cracking up. Tell Fisher it's ok, I put Zech in Little Mermaid swim diapers. I bought them not knowing their were clearly gender differences but those things are expensive so I won't throw them away. N gets mad when he sees him wearing them. Zech doesn't seem to mind though and besides, his swim trunks cover the mermaid part up! ;)