Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer adventures: Firestation.

I would say our first adventure of the summer, though it was technically the day before Alla's preschool graduation, was a local firestation. Another mom organized it, and the kids were super excited to see it all. We pass a firestation every single day ont he way to Alla's preschool, and it is always a special treat when a truck is actually out, so to go inside one and see them up close was very cool.
The fire chief's truck got called out on a flashing-lights emergency when we were there (but were back as we were leaving), and Fisher was very concerned with that, kept asking when they'd come back.
Both kids got fire hats, both refused to wear them. They had no trouble ringing the bell, though.

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Sara Vuoso said...

My kids won't wear them either and their dad is a fireman. What a fun outing!