Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Another mama robin has set up camp in the exact same spot as the previous mama. It's as if they compared notes mid-air someplace, and this new mama just had her eyes on this perfect spot. We can't wait to see how many eggs she lays!

2. As I snuggled with Alla tonight, she smelled of a mix of chlorine and shampoo and just her. Ah, summer.

3. She started swim class tonight. Twice a week for four weeks. She's as fearless in the pool as she is on her bike.

4. Apparently I didn't get the email about monsoon season here in Minnesota.

5. The rains did let up this morning, however, so we could go for a Mama run/Alla bike. Goodness gracious that girl works me out.

6. I love watching Army Wives online.

7. Aside from that, I am not missing television this summer.

8. We are 174 pages into Harry Potter. Alla is loving it.

9. Fisher's new favorite: Miss Bindergarten!

10. Alla's new haircut is so her.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Kelsea's been taking swim classes the last two months and loving it. Wallis of course thinks that means she's going to be swimmer, but wait until she starts soccer in the fall! :-)