Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today is June first. Really, June? Slow down, warm weather.

2. June first means the first day of Half-Price Books summer reading program, which we did last year. It's almost as fun for me to have an excuse to go there just so I can browse the books, too. They should really consider a summer reading program for grown-ups, too.

3. The best way to kick off a summer reading program is to begin a book you're really going to spend some time with, and that means a chapter book. Since Alla is now five, I think she's ready for Harry Potter! Well, the first one anyway.

4. Fisher thinks it's great to say whatever Alla says, even though he mostly doesn't know what he's saying. His latest retorts are, "Not fay-ir" and "Stop copping me" (stop copying me), the meaning of which he really hasn't a clue. But it's cute. Especially since those sayings are accompanied by his duck (pout) face.

5. After lunch today, Fisher requested "tahkwhat, pweese!" I think he's going to love chocolate as much as the rest of this family.

6. We're now dining outdoors more than we are indoors.

7. Our kids gave us the best treat on Memorial Day - they slept in until 8:30!!!!

8. This morning was total popsicle weather, now it's overcast and windy. Must get some popsicles for the next popsicle-weather day.

9. Some across-the-street neighbors are moving to Japan this month, and while we are saddened by that (they have school-age kids that my kids enjoy), we are also super bummed that there doesn't appear to be a new crop of children moving into the house. Hello, can a five year old girl please move onto our street?

10. Fisher is starting to tell stories like Alla does. (I'm sure he learned it from her, she's a pro.) I hear him setting up the train tracks and instead of just train whistles and choo-choos, I hear a whole narration going on, and as I stand nearby to listen undetected, I cannot help smile at how their imaginations unfold. But I also sigh just a little at how fast it all happened. Two years ago I was holding a newborn, two years from now he'll be a full-fledged preschooler closer to kindergarten than crawling and cooing.


Megan said...

We would move into that house in a heartbeat (even though we have no 5 year old girls anymore)!

Katie said...

Okay we'll move. You've convinced us. :-)

Awesome about the sleep in!

Cathy Bolander said...

I'm so jealous about your kids sleeping in. Mine have never made it past 7 yet. And we will move right in as soon as that house is located in California. I have a better idea. You move here with us!

Marie said...

Charlie randomly says "chocolate chip!" all the time. I have no idea why (but it's so cute) hee hee.

Susie said...

My neighbor was just lamenting about losing a family two doors down HOPING another family with younger kids moves in our home. I totally GET it.

And what is this- sleeping until 8:30?? Jealous!

Samantha said...

William is also into saying "no fair" and "no it isn't." Wonder where he got those from...I think our boys would love playing together!

Amy said...

Hayden sits by his trains playing and talking and pushing them around for hours. He sort of mumbles, so I can't really tell what he's saying, but he's got some big story playing out. It's so fun to watch!