Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This deserves its own post, but seeing as I have no photos to accompany it YET, I'll just go ahead and announce it here: ALLA LEARNED TO RIDE HER BIKE! NO TRAINING WHEELS!

2. Consequently, we went for a Mommy run/Alla bike on Monday morning, with a stop at the park on the way home.

3. And a three and a half mile ride Sunday night, just the two of us. So fun.

4. At dinner Alla requested Adam Lambert, and Fisher said, "Rock out" when the first song came on. Three songs later, he's singing Whaddya want from me?

5. Tonight I asked Fisher if he could tell me Daddy's name, and he said, "Babe." Ha!

6. We had a wonderful rainy day today, which forced us to spend the whole day inside. We read books before breakfast, built a giant train track, vacuumed, painted, built Minneapolis-St. Paul with wood blocks, watched Dinosaur Train, napped (one of us), worked out, created a new piece of art, read Harry Potter, and Alla read a few little books on her own!

7. Alla started soccer last night. Soccer is exclusively taking place at "our" park this summer, which means we'll be riding our bikes there every Monday night. Like last night.

8. No more TV shows for the summer - egads!

9. I have lined up tons of books for myself at the library, and they should be ready every fifteen days, but first, I'm fifty pages away from finally finishing A Long Way Gone.

10. An image of summer. The short-lived cherry season is here!


Cathy Bolander said...

Great ten. I love cherries! I loved that book. And I loved that you don't go stir crazy on rainy days. My boys do. And therefore I do.

Check out So You Think You Can Dance. AWESOME!

Megan said...

So does that cherry pitter work? I've been toying with getting one (you've seen Mazie eat cherries right?) but it just looks like it won't work right.

Yay Alla!

pakosta said...

My hubby LOVEs cherries, he can eat a whole bowl to himself!

YAY ALLA! you go girl! that's awesome!!!!! I have a really funny story, Ava just learned how to ride a bike a couple of weeks ago. It was really weird, no yay moment for me of helping her learn, just threw her on and she went, but of course at almost 9, she should have been riding years ago! She is the type to watch and take it all in, then do it when she is 100% sure she can!
I want your list of books you are getting! I need some new ones!

Elizabeth said...

I need to replace my cherry pitter... I wore it out last year after using it for about ten. (And yes, it works like a charm!!)

We got sucked into watching the pilot for Persons Unknown this week, which is a little on the creepy side for me but better than not having a single show for the entire summer. I like to have at least one...and I do NOT watch Trueblood with Matt. EEEEK. Too much vampire for me...

Susie said...

No training wheels- go ALLA! Any trick to teaching a five year old ? Ash has some learning to do this summer :)

Katie said...

Yea Alla! Haven't even thought about taking Kelsea's training wheels off. Although she loves to ride her bike. Maybe by the end of the summer.

That pictures makes me want to eat it!