Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The hours run away from me, the days are their longest now yet they seem short. They are full: sleeping in, iced coffee, breakfast by ten is good, a morning run, playing outside as long as Mom will allow, swinging, pushing, riding tractor and bike, checking on the garden, napping, washing diapers, getting dinner prepped, heading to soccer, heading to swimming, dining al fresco, batches of granola eaten warm, listening to kiddos chatting and singing in their beds after eight, reading in bed, falling asleep way too late.

Yesterday at three it was 95. Today at the same time, it wasn't even 70.

Alla is pro on her bike, I love it.

We're almost done with Harry Potter.

I'm reading When You Reach Me.

Ron's in love with his iPad.

Fisher won't share his tractor, bicycle (he makes sure to call it by its full name), lawnmower, or ride-on piece of crap with anyone.

Ron's training for a 10K. Tomorrow he runs eight.

He's also painting the house. It looks wonderful.

We're thoroughly enjoying summer. I have some pictures on my camera. But I'm too busy enjoying summer to plug the camera into my computer!

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Katie said...

I LOVE my iPad too. :-)

We have had little to no sun for the last 6 weeks. I hate June gloom, especially when it turns into July gloom. :-(