Thursday, September 30, 2010

Really good Wednesday.

You know when you just have a really good day, I mean, simple things that just add up to one really nice day? That was yesterday. It started with a run for me and my buddy, and then we made an impromptu trip down to the Mississippi River, which I think he calls the Sippi River and for the longest time Alla called the MississNippi. Good morning, Mississippi.
The real reason we went: the possibility of seeing a barge go through the lock and dam. Fisher calls it the garbage barge, after reading the book with the exact same title.
Alas, we did not see the barge, but it was fun just the same. Fisher told me so.
And anytime you switch up your routine, do something different, it really does wonders.
We also spied some gorgeous fall colors.
Our own street looks lovely this time of year, just subtle yellows and leaves in the gutters and the amazing blue sky we had yesterday.
Another simple thing that made our day: the kids in absolute love with each other.
Alla misses him when she's at school, and vice versa, so they are sometimes stuck to each other like glue in the afternoons.
I ended the day with my yoga class, and this morning I got snuggles from both kids. Apparently Fisher missed me, as he asked, Mommy last night whaddya do'd? I dooood my yoga class, Buddy. And it was a good day.


Susie said...

Such beautiful and crisp fall colors, I am totally jealous!

Cathy Bolander said...

That sounds like a wonderful day & the fall colors are one of the ONLY reasons I consider wanting to move one day.