Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Sometimes the kids get up and dressed and eat and brush teeth and hair quick enough to play together before school. This time is their favorite, as I can tell they are both working together to make it happen before school.

2. My son seems to be the only one in his class who is covered in snow when I pick him up. Like, can't even see his hat for all the snow on it.

3. Speaking of that son of mine, here's what he says to me on the way home from school yesterday: I am always trying to be a better child. I wonder if I can tattoo that on him or something for a reminder of the many times when that's not actually true.

4. Alla and Daddy spent a good chunk of the weekend working on her science project. This year's topic: Which ball bounces the highest?

5. This was the first year in many where I thought the Grammy's were just awesome. Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Bruno Mars with Sting, and let's not forget about the Grammy Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers!

6. Speaking of which, Fisher got to play the triangle onstage with The Okee Dokees this morning at the Mall of America.

7. Things spotted by Fisher and I on our journey to and from the Mall of America this morning: 1 grader, 2 Okee Dokee brothers, 1 Becky (their fiddle player), 2 light rail trains, 1 plane taking off right over our heads, lots of planes taking off in other directions, 3 crash tenders, 2 tower cranes, and 2 freight trains. Exciting stuff.

8. I scored a great deal on napkins at Target over the weekend. This might not be thrilling to all, but we are a strictly cloth napkin house, and we go through them at an alarming rate, so they are always getting washed, and we (ok, the kids) are hard on them, so eventually they get raggedy. The deal I found was a 4-pack for two bucks. So I grabbed whole shelf and now I think we're good for a few years.

9. Currently on the kitchen chalkboard:
10. Real Simple's February issue had a section about spicing up your average nacho, so for date night in this weekend, Ron and I had the BBQ Chicken version, which is just this: Oven to 400 or so, spread your chips on a cookie sheet, spread diced rotisserie chicken on top, cover with cheese, cook for 4 minutes or til cheese is bubbly melted. Top with as much BBQ sauce as you prefer, and a sprinkle of green onion. Add a Dark and Stormy and a movie, and you have yourself a lovely Date Night In!

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jody said...

I love nachos so much and must confess that we eat them for dinner A LOT! My child, however, is way healthier than us and doesn't like them. Ha!

I'm sorry about that whole Kindy roundup thing :) Maybe they will realize that he is too smart for it and allow you to keep him home another year!

Scott and Liv are doing a science project this week too. Which is cleaner...a dog's mouth or a person's? I'm not sure I want to know the answer :)

Last thing...Lets hang out soon! I miss our Saturday skate/chat!