Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Today was the Science Fair for Alla! That girl relished every minute in the spotlight, loving to demonstrate and explain her project.

2. I was overjoyed to shoot a newborn over the weekend. So teensy. You forget.

3. We are currently in the melt-freeze overnight-melt-freeze overnight weather pattern. The corners of our lawn (I'm trying to picture what that would look like if, say, I could see it) still have an easy four feet of snow piled up. It's still winter.

4. Did you happen to try my Lazy Mama Art Activity?

5. Another good one is the old baking soda in a pan, colored vinegar in muffin tins, and a dropper to get the vinegar to the baking soda causing fizzy goodness. Fisher asks for this regularly and Alla, too, if she's home; she's definitely not too old for this one.

6. I have a deep craving for a big pot of soup. Part of that is probably that it is indeed still winter, but a bigger part may just be the level of satisfaction one gets from making that pot of soup that you know will feed your family for a few days. If they like it.

7. It has also been awhile since I baked something, and I'm not sure what that next something should be. Scones? Cookies? Muffins? Granola bars? A cake?!

8. This weekend is the school carnival. My husband is cowering in fear, and I'm right behind him. 500 kids and their families packed into school hallways and classrooms lined up to play games and get their hair spray painted. Let's just say we'll be drinking Sunday night.

9. Fisher woke up this morning with Alla's stuffy nose and he is being such a male about it. It's just a stuffy nose, and I haven't heard Alla complain about it once.

10. Despite his stuffy nose, we did accomplish a great deal today: changed the bag in the vacuum and vacuumed the whole house, cleaned a bathroom, he read me the book Cat Days, we went to the library to pick up Batman books and Edmund Fitzgerald books, watched Wild Kratts, and he made a hide and seek game for me with 17 circles he'd punched. Speaking of which, there's a bonus art activity for you - punches. Goodness they can busy themselves for hours with a slew of punches.

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