Monday, February 18, 2013

The joys of a boy.

I know some families who have seen Legos take over their homes, but we are not there. Yet. We are at this great place where we own two kits, a fireboat and a fireplane, but on a daily basis I see all kinds of different creations being built and then every month or so the original kit gets rebuilt.

 I love it. He can play this for hours, and in fact this is what Quiet Time is usually about in our house.

I also love Fridays, because it's one of the few days in any given week when we rarely have someplace to be, so we get to do stuff like sit on the floor and fight Legos together.

I also love that I have a boy, without whom I would not know about fireboats, smokejumpers, C-130s, the Titanic, the world's most horriffic plane crash, or the International Ice Patrol.

The kid keeps me in the know. I certainly hope the kindergarten library will be full of books that meet his interests.


pakosta said...

he's sooooooo big!
stop it right now FISHER!!!
savannah was OBSESSED with the Titanic and the Edmond Fitzgerald sinkings. she read all about it and had it all memorized, so funny!

Susie said...

I know nothing about all those special mama of a boy things you mentioned! But I'm do glad you do and you get to delight in this special season with F!