Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Took my little boy bowling this morning. A great mama-son time.

2. The weather has turned freezing again, back to sub-zero windchills for a couple days. And we are all anticipating two big snowfalls, fingers crossed!

3. Exactly one month from today my son will turn five, which, if you haven't yet crossed that milestone with one of your own, is a major turning point for both child and parent. Child all of a sudden thinks they are big and grown, parent realizes the end of an era, which I will surely discuss at length when the time approaches.

4. The website I'm looking for today is a science project website. Do any of you mamas of older ones have a resource for this? I personally hated science projects when I was in school, but so far Alla loves them and has no problem coming up with her own ideas for them. So I'm not really looking for a cheater's guide to science projects, just a general guide to setting up the display. There must be a nice, streamlined method. You'd think I, a former scrapbooker, would be able to figure this out easily, but it alludes me, and every year I am sitting there matting titles and cutting out letters because the set we have is missing an I, and E and three H's. Ugh. It does help, however, that this morning Alla told me it looks beautiful. She's seven, so that's not actually true, but it's nice that she thinks so.

5. Thank you to my friend, Tara, for suggesting our next topic of research, the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. We've got three books on hold at the library and I'm sure we'll all be singing the song in a few days!

6. I mentioned on facebook last week that my children didn't seem too amused at my knowledge of Beach Boys songs. Turns out, my son loves The Beach Boys like I do, and we've listened to Surfin' USA several times a day for a week straight. Never gets old. Well, not so if you're my husband.

7. I am woefully behind on Grey's Anatomy, in part because my husband decided he couldn't watch it anymore. I am probably in it for the long haul, but I do agree with him that they could have made this the last season. Better to go out on top, rather than drag it out.

8. Not to give away anything, but a big reason I fell for Weeds years ago was the ticky-tacky song, so I'm super glad to have that back.

9. We are in desperate need of replacing a floor lamp that Fisher knocked over and cracked at the age of 8 months. It was the second floor lamp that met its demise in the presence of my son, but this one unfortunately still works. If you ever come over and wonder why I've got it stashed in a corner, it's because the side facing the corner has a big hole in it.

10. If the weather ever warms, I'm going to go pick me up a new houseplant to tide me over til spring.


Megan said...

Mazie had a few websites on science fair information from her project earlier this year. I'll get them from her and email them to you.

Marie said...

Our boys are almost five. It was like yesterday we were getting each other through our c-sections right????