Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And Aubrey Is Her Name.

Well you see me, you see Ron holding Alla. But do you see that other person there? That's Aubrey, our amazing, wonderful doula. She was instrumental in bringing Alla into this world, and in my birth experience being so satisfying. She shared the journey with us wholeheartedly.
Today she was back from her travels abroad to visit our little family and it was so good to catch up and show her the wonder that is Alla. She was so amazed at the Little One's personality, batting her eyes, clapping, waving, and oh that hair. We were just glad to have her back again.

I know I haven't shared about Alla's newest obsession. Peas. She cannot get enough. The little girl loves her some peas. She *hearts* peas.


Susie said...

Who's taking the photos?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Alla! Peas? Ugh!

Love, Nana

KMF said...

Miss you guys tons. Am sending a few of these pics to your brother in the desert. Can't wait til we come home and see you. Kisses to all.