Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ten Months.

So not fair. Can't figure out how to stop time. Countdown to one year. I am having major difficulties. But I had major difficulties en route to six months, too, and then gave up and started celebrating. So maybe it's that way once you pass One. You realize the first year is over, hold it in your heart, and move into Year Two. I'll let you know.


tara said...

nope every year comes with heartbreak to me. it does get a little easier, but when you look back at photos of them "little" it's sooooooo hard to see. and i almost want to cry. just enjoy each day!

Susie said...

It's so cool how you have captured a moment on the swing that is in this freeze frame, kinda like how you want to keep her.

Heather said...

great photo! I don't think it will get easier. Kendyl will be 2 months old tomorrow and just the thought of it makes me sad. all we can do is cherish each day! :)

Elizabeth said...

What a cool photo with that shadow in there... such a big girl. I don't know how to make it slow down, either.