Friday, February 03, 2006

Pretty girl curls.

You the average viewer may not notice her hair subtleties, but me, her mama, well, I sure do. Today we had good hair weather. Meaning it was foggy-doggy outside, all day, just kept rolling in, thicker and thicker. So Alla's morning run with Daddy meant that when she came in to kiss mama good morning, she had her pretty girl curls. And then after her later morning run with me, we came in to notice even more pretty girl curls. So here she is, my pretty girl's curls.


tara said...

what a head of hair! man it's gorgeous! love her look. she sure knows the camera alright!

Julie said...

Believe you me, I know about the varying curls from weather! Having 2 curly heads, humid days are cute days! LOL And if I spritz them with water before brushing them, that brings them out even more!

Alla is such a little doll!