Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nana came for a visit.

Lucky little Alla had her Nana visit for lunch today. She was here on business and stopped by for lunch with her girls. Alla was giving out kisses and showing her Nana all the skills she's developed since her last visit.

And in case anyone still wasn't sure about those cheeks - yep, they came from Nana. (First thing Ron said when I showed him this picture tonight was, "Man, she does have your mom's cheeks. Those are exactly her cheeks!.")


tara said...

what sweet photos! i had those cheeks as a child too! well not quite as big! but they called me chipmunk cheeks and chipper! lOL! savannah had them as a baby! and ava def. had them! lol! tooooo CUTE!

melanie said...

look how big miss a is getting - and cuter by the day. :)