Friday, February 24, 2006

Flashback Friday

I've been trying to come up with something for this for a few weeks now, inspired by Susie's blog. I have learned a few things already, when digging for photos:

1. My closet is too small to do any good searching for fun photos.
2. I don't have too many photos of just me.
3. My photos, should I one day get a bigger closet, could use some organization.

Ok, onto the first installment of Flashback Friday.

This one was taken aboard the Starship Oceanic, my first cruise, circa 1988 (I think). My family went on this cruise to the Bahamas, snorkeling, and Disney World with the Washburns. Seeing as how Mindy (that's her back there in the orange) is my oldest friend (let me clarify since we're all getting touchy about our ages now - she's the friend I've known the longest), thought I would start here.

Good to know what I couldn't have in this photo: that we'd still be friends almost 20 years later.

(Oh, and I really can't explain the pirate. Sorry.)


Sue's Blog said...

Awsome picture. I had Susie orginize my picture closet. It took her a whole year.(Scary HUH?)Good job on flashback Friday.

Susie said...

J- Look at your eighties bangs! What a little hottie you were (still are!). Hi Mindy :)

Get digging, these are way fun to see.