Friday, February 17, 2006

The Rainbow Connection.

Spent the middle of the day at the park with the mommies and babies. We sat around talking about how lucky we are, since Veteran's Park nearly drops off into the blue blue ocean, and it was cool today but perfect clear and sunny. But by afternoon the skies had turned grey and it rained on us a little. When Ron came home from work I noticed an amazing rainbow where you could see both ends. Ron said we need to go look for our pot of gold, but I looked up at him, holding Alla, all of us standing there getting rained on, looking up at that rainbow, and thought we were pretty lucky already.

Photo credit goes to my lovely husband who ran out there in the rain to capture the shot so I wouldn't get mine wet.


tara said...

awwwww you sure are!
and it's great you know it!
love that photo!

Julie said...

wow, what a great photo! We get alot of rainbows in front of our house and I never tire of taking photos of them!