Monday, February 20, 2006

Regis and Kelly Don't Know Sh---.

Regis and Kelly had a Beautiful Baby search. Alla was entered. Alla was not chosen. Honestly. Have you ever seen a more beautiful baby (other than your own, of course)? Regis and Kelly clearly do not have any taste.

This is the photo I entered.
Ah, well. Her mama knows she is the most beautiful baby EVER. And yesterday she started waving to us. It's the most heart-melting hand movement you ever saw. Too bad Regis and Kelly won't get to see it. (If I had a picture of me sticking out my tongue I would post that right here.)


Anonymous said...

I just pop in here to see your gorgeous photograpy from time to time... Susie is married to my nephew. I have to say that your daughter is SO precious! I have thought to myself that she could win a prize, she is so photogenic - I can't believe R&K could overlook that! Now I am interested in seeing WHAT they picked!! I love my babies, and my daughter is just beyond belief gorgeous, but your daughter's personality just shines through those pix! great job on the photo taking AND baby making! LOL!

tara said...

i sure think she is!!!!!! of course at the time i thought mine were, but looking back on their photos, not so much! loL! she is BEAUTIFUL!

Susie said...

I stuck my tongue out at R & K for you, too. I don't know if I have met a cuter baby than Alla, Ashy and Sarah not included of course.

erin said...

You're definitely taste at all! Now, I'm waiting anxiously for a video of the handwaving!

Anonymous said...

I must agree with J.J. If you saw the finalist babies on the show you'd have to wonder who was paid (off) to make the selections! But I'm less than neutral on the subject of Alla!!